London Bombing

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Date: 07 July 2005 17:10:29

Today put things in perspective, was feeling agrieved with work - put that against the cost some folk paid through bloody minded agression. Death, carnage, misery.... All for what?

I called in at the pub to look for answers, background TV with latest news coverage, folk continued with trvial conversations, laughed in relief they had not been caught up. One group paused amidst their Spy/Treasure Hunt in their 10th Pub Visit, but still aimed to beat the other teams hollow.

I wandered outside after my second pint looking for coffee, the sun shone, punts poled by - the world carried on regardless.

Yes, the world does carry on after people stamp and shout to get themselves heard, sometimes they do more than stamp and shout - but still things just seem to carry on.

Be with the families and friends of those who have died, who are missing and those who are injured.
Give wisdom and strength to folk around them offering support.
Enable the emergency services to help where most needed.