WISE almost complete.

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Date: 15 July 2005 11:50:31

Much thought, much brain cell usage, much soul searching -
And finally I got it.

Items rejected.

I thought of buying this, but the shop I wanted to buy it from had "Gone Away!" (and the ebay auction finished far too late...) This bridge of course famous for it's orriginal construction without nuts and bolts to hold it together.
The famous Cambridge Mathmeticians thought to find it's secret by dismanteling and reassembly, needless to say today it is held togther by nuts and bolts - and the red fsces of afore said accademics.

I thought of Cheap Tacky Cambridge Souveniers - that didn't seem quite right,

*Cycling home I passed Cambridge Wine Merchants amongst others, purveyors of beers from City of Cambridge Brewery Ltd, college Whiskey's etc. - thus the alchoholic idea was born.

*A Tourist Information Map may help the gentle wibbler find his way around my town (officially city by royal charter though we posess no cathedral),

*a Beer Mat (swiped from the very pub from whence Zipser of PorterHouse Blue fame, acquired his 4 Gross Condoms which he attempted to dispose of by filling with gas and sending up the chimney of his college room - suceeding in blowing up his college.) on which to rest his glass.

*An accademic bear proudly displaying his scroll detailing the product of his hard labour at Cambridge.
The Wise Gifts - Parrot Not Included Thus makes up the gifts (Parrot Not Included) winging their way to someone who's name partly describes the River Views of our Cambridge Colleges.

Another clue to the wiblog recipient would be if he were to make a huge profit on the stockmarket say.

The final clue, Dr Seuss, amongst his other offerings, wrote a story about many charachters who all had the same name.

Look out for the postman, he is on his way...