Well done Ian.

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Date: 18 July 2005 06:44:32

There you have it, Ian was the first one to spot it, and maybe it is cleverly part of the plot.
Ron Weasley is referred to as Rupert, Rupert Grint being the name of the actor who plays him.

Will not go into why's and wherefore's of this possibly being part of the plot, I am already getting into trouble discussing the book in this house before other members have read it.

2nd daughter is having a friend to stay tonight, so all hands on deck to wash, tidy ...... - you know, give the impression that we permanently live in in a highly organised tidy house that never has a speck of dust out of place. With that, I am on washing up duty today. hehe, i could load up the CD machine with my favourite music and blast it out loud whilst I wash - just like the kids do, hehehee. I think I would be in danger of shouting at myelf to turn it down.