Outreach... Hanging Up... Folkies are Comin'...

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Date: 19 July 2005 08:57:37

Last night was IceCream night at CIO the busiest I have seen it ths year. I go along to help out with the washing up etc which in turn frees up team members to mingle with guests.
Inspiring to see their youthfull enthusiasm (wonder if I ever had any of that), and touching to see each evening maybe just a handful reading or listening to stories from the bible for the first time.
We said goodbye to our Group Scout Leader and Cub Scout Leader last night. They have been involved in the group for 20 years, so emotions, speeches, pressies...
When I got home, I too hung up my uniform for the last time, 23 years as CSL*, ADC** and more recently ACSL*** leaves me with a lot of memories, camping and all its associated activities being the best.
Time to move on to pasteurs new - I wonder what they will be. Father God, Guide me. Amen
*Cub Scout Leader; **Assistant District Commissioner; ***Assistant Cub Scout Leader

I often complain when the Folk Festival arrives in town, music till early hours, strange folk wandering the street (you know, headbands, flowy dresses, patterned shirts etc etc.)
But in my younger years I was an hardened Greenbelt supporter. How can I moan when I too have impossed grief on others.
To all you Folkies out there coming to visit my humble town, have a GREAT time. If I see you in the street I will smile politely - but at night I may, in the privacy of my own home, jam a pillow firmly into each ear - and wish for the music to stop.