WISE - Where are you?

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Date: 20 July 2005 07:56:25

Up to date with all the WIBLOGS, but no mention of my parcel having arrived with my WISE Recipient. Posted on Friday and not yet delivered!!! I could have caught a coach down there and delivered it myself in this amount of time.
The Royal Mail Van - and the postman have both passed by my house this morning, so nothing received either.

No Smudge, I won't be changing my cooking habbits now I have hung up my woggle - can't change the habbit of a lifetime.

Talking of cooking, we had a final sumptuous feast at our HomeGroup Leaders house this evening. Over the summer he will be getting married and moving away. Why do folk keep on moving!!!
Still, good memories, learnt a lot, grown a lot, groaned a lot. Next term, new house, new host - but same team. Cool. I suppose with things constantly changing there is no chance of falling into that good old Committee Cliche, "But We ALWAYS do it like that!!!"