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Date: 22 July 2005 10:49:24

The Plumber arrived 8:20am to sort out my bathroom tap. Normally I have no problem changing washers, but getting inside this tap turned out to be a major nightmare. Not wishing to break the tap I phoned the council to report a fault. Even the plumber had problems getting in, but I was pleasantly surprised at the care he took over dismantling the tap and giving it a complete overhaul, I would have just whipped it open, changed the washer and popped it back. Thumbs up to the Council Repair Service.

No sign of any WISE post, so the parcel will now have to wait for me to get home next month. Hopefully the family won't get too curious and want to open it.

My bags are packed (well, very nearly!!!) - all ready to go off to Keswick Bible Convention. Have to sneak out the house early tomorrow morning so as not to wake up the slumbering family. Looking forward to meeting Albert and family up there, I have even been invited for a picnic with them.