Time on my hands

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Date: 05 August 2005 09:36:20

Called in to man the Outside Bookstall today. The Outside Bookstall - whilst the shop goes through a major refit - is situated in a church foyer. Would seem that not many customers have made the trak from the shop to here, so 'tis considered the graveyard shift. Two customers have poked there heads in already, one wanted a specialist book IMMEADIATELY which of course I did not have in stock - and the other placed an order and will collect the book when our shop re opens next week.

The saving grace of this particular foyer is the provision of 2 OnLineCity Terminals which means I can surf the internet in the quiet periods.

I have already tidied up the stall - my word it was messy - drunk coffee, counted and recounted the float and rarranged the display table.
Oh dear - what to do next.