Keswick (The week at work)

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Date: 05 August 2005 09:56:58

I managed to get a few Out & About Blogs through from my mobile, but quite frankly, the week I was working there just was not time to breath.

We had a team of 13 to cover the three shops, I worked mostly in the main shop front which was open all day as it had access to the street. The other shops could only open when the venues were open - but not during the actual speaking events, so there sales times were short and fast.

Keeping the right books close to the tills was quite a task, trying to second guess which books speakers would recommend. There was a list, but they didn't stick to it! Our hottest book just had to be Light Force by Brother Andrew. His first book God's Smuggler written in the 60's had a major impact on my early years as a christian.

We would close the shop at 9:50 then had to cash up for the day - this is better done with a 5% proof tin to hand.

Typical day
7:00 Rise & Shine
8:30 Meet up for Morning Devotional
9:00 Open up the shop
Lunch any time between 2 & 4
5:00 Close Shop, go for dinner (Yes - even those just back from lunch!)
6:30 Back in the shop
7:45 Open up
9:50 Close
Cash Up
12:30 Bed

I did get one evening off, I was joined by two other team members and we climbed Lattrig.
Wow, an amazing sight over Keswick. I will post some piccies when I am at the home puter again.
I was so taken with my climb up Lattrig I suggested an early morning assent before work on Thursday. Two takers, but only one made it to the redevous point by 6am. A most refreshing way to start the day. Down intinme for a shower, Breakfast and Devotions.