Up & Down

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Date: 08 August 2005 06:31:08

Rollercoaster ride of feelings this w/e - excited at God's glory, dead depressed, back to good...
Had a most excelent day yesterday though, after church a friend joined me in heading out to the countryside. We talked alot which helped me get back on track. Armed with an OS Map, compass & picnic each, we plotted our route through countryside aiming for a pub several Km away where we found the beer being served straight from the barrel. Returning a more northerly route we had to reclaim footpaths recently harvested and ploughed through. Good use made of both OS Map & Compass.

Too tired for church in the evening - pity really, but I know I would have fallen asleep. Instead caught up with Telly watching, washing up and a few other tasks. 2nd Daughter returned from London looking exhausted, just in time for 2 weeks hard work with special needs children.

Thanking God for his plan for my life. If only I could see it clearly - but if that was the case I would probably claim it as my plan.
Into your hands Lord I commit myself today. Amen