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Date: 08 August 2005 14:17:00

Back in the sattelite shop today, not many customers beat a path to our door - still, I have had a very interesting time. My main visitor was a street guy came in asking for prayer. He spent the best part of 3 hours, between smokes and swigs on the white cider when I sent him outside. He sat quietly whilst I dealt with my 2 or 3 paying customers, once they were gone returned to his chatty self.

I have also used the time to type up book reviews and email them to myself so I can put them up on my church website. Anything to turn a penny or two - and of course get books concerning the gospel into folks hands and on their bookshelves.

I must remember to write up my Keswick YHA holiday following the week working. They were both inspirational. The photos are on my home puter, so can't do that from here.