I have withdrawn

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Date: 13 August 2005 12:16:58

to an Internet Cafe, lunchtime at work and I just needed to get out. Raining outside, hopefully only a shower, else I will get wet.

We have Our w/e visitors arrived early yesterday quite unexpectedly - by was great anyway as I had time to properly see them. Mind you, I had been detailed to wash the kiychen floor and mow the lawns, back & front before in preperation - but they caught me on the hop.

Once the laws were duely cropped, I set about pitching the tent (an excelent way of extending our house when visitors arrive). It chose that particular half hour to torrentially downpour. Wow - I got SOAKED. Still, tent pitched successfully and the occupants slept almost right through.

Lost my bible this morning, so a bit out of sorts - we will see where I have managed to hide it at home.