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Date: 24 August 2005 19:51:03

And back to work today - was a pretty non descript day in the bookstore;
- customers came in,
- bought books and/or music etc
- chatted
and left.
Since we have had the refit I work in a lot brighter and airy environment. Infact many people are coming in to see what the bookstore has to offer - and then appologise profusely to me when they find out ist a Christian Books Store. I cannot work out why they appologise for having walked into a store they woould usually pass by!

There were highlights. Two friends popped in to buy their Nooma Teaching DVD's - and to spy out the new shop. Later on an old friend who had just returned from China doing missionary work arrived. Turns out she is now working in one of our local churches as an office assistant. We will ahve to catch up properly sometime soon.

My wife was bemoaning the lack of an Adrian Snell CD from her collection - I have managed to track one down on the internet, should be with me in a day or two.

Results day tomorrow for No 3, she seems surprisingly calm. Been out with friends all day - and is now warming up supper. Yum yum, I had mine hours ago - Spag Bog, very nice.