From Christmas to Summer

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Date: 31 August 2005 06:40:43

It may be Christmas in the basement at work, however up at street level Summer is hitting back with new found strength. I think back two months before our refit, likewise we in the shop would have sweltered along with all others, now we have AirConditioning, and provide a cool oasis for customers.

The Make Poverty History Virtual Band seems to be causing havoc, I have had to remove them to enable my pages to load. This year seems to have been the year for wearing wrist bands of one type or another. I have been wearing WWJD, FROG & PUSH bands for years, and all of a sudden they have been in fashion. Several times I have been approached, "Swap Your Band mate, ain't got that one in my collection!" came from one gutural youth. What they stood for didn't seen to matter - the q dos of having what his mates didn't was far more an incentive.

With HomeGroup moved to the other side of town makes a LONG day. No point in travelling home from town after work as I would walk in through the door - and straight out again. Instead I hang around in town and then catch the bus up to Arbury. Not surprisingly through the summer months numbers have been well down, I think we will have to revisit decision making once the numbers are up again. We overran as usual, and I still had 45 minutes on the busto get home. Was 11pm before I turned into our street. My neighbour MrB was out and about - the youths who dumped a mattress in my garden the other night were back creating havoc for som of our elderly neighbours. They sneek up to the bottom flat windows which are often open in this heat, stick their hands in to see what mischief they can cause. Fortunately they won't open far enough to allow entry, but for some of the old folk just that action is threatening. We hung around for a while to see if the youth would return before ducking back indoors ourselves.

Time to move on I think - have a good day folks.