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Date: 01 September 2005 09:49:58

Luxury of a lie in today - shortlived as hoinked out of my pit to do some bike maintenance before 1stDtr went off to work. Funny isn't it, claims total independance from family - untill simple job like tyre pressure...

Currently on the phone to my ISP, emails seem to be going missing over the last three weeks - and guess what I've just discoverd - new Servers have just been installed. Seems some ironing out may be needed.

After eating lunch yesterday I went to sit in the park and read. Instead I got chatting with an italian gentleman - he used to work in Rome in catering, to climb the ladder there you ahd to speak English. So to England he came to polish up his vocabulary etc.
"So, you are here just for a short time," says I. "How long are you staying?" We have thousands of foriegn students here, so am quite used to this conversation.
"Ah," says he, "Well I came 30 years ago, stayed, been married, had children, divorced..."
I don't think he is planning to return to the Roman Catering Industry.

Finally off the phone with the ISP Customer Service - very helpful, maybe they will be able to track down the problem.