2nd Thursday of Sept.

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Date: 08 September 2005 18:20:02

I did write a follow up to 'woof', but somehow never got to post.
September is well under way and soon the girls will be off to respective Uni's, youngest has already started college. The geat Education Wheel trundles on - and our house will be a wee bit quieter. Always miss 'em when they are away.

Been praying with my head rather than my heart recently, I thought yesterday how shallow and how much I have lost! Lord, Forgive me.

Following the Shop Refit the basement became somewot a dumping ground. Today was a Roll Up My Sleeves day and wade in - what great sattisfaction creating order from chaos.

This w/e 23rd wedding Aniversarry, got one or two minor pressies, but nothing major yet. Had really better put me thinking hat on.

I rode the train to London through the Rush hour this week, and then the underground. What amazed me though carriages were packed - ABSOLUTE SILENCE through out for the full 2 hours! I was tempted, in best Anglican Tradition to announce the next Hymn number - and start singing. If my 16 yr old had been with me she would have been singing from the shows, worship songs and much much more. No doubt we would have had a bit more space in each carriage as folk embarrasdly rehuddled elsewhere in silence.
She has learnt well.

Dashing off, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.