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Date: 09 September 2005 23:52:31

Time spent surfing the internet tonight - looking for a good deal on HP 27 & HP 28 Printer Cartridges. Those nice people at Hewlett Packard have worked out a way of not letting me print with refilled cartridges (HP DeskJet 3225). Doesn't matter how full the cartridge is, the printer electronics know it is a 'Dummy' sent to depleat their profits.
I wanted to print of my FunFare Coach Tickets, instead the printer lights happily blink away refusing to continue without correct electronic food.

We were so proud of our shop refit - one of the best things was no more leaks through the ceiling when it rained outside. That is, untill it rained!!! Over 20 gallons poured through the new light fittings, into the window display, down behind our Plasma Screen DVD player, soaked through ceiling tiles. Whilst one customer was delighted to have sought refuge in a Christian Bookstore (yes, he even bought himself a CD) he was happy to offer a helping hand holding doors whilst we raced outside with bucket fulls of raindrops all cruelly seperated from their companions happily playing outside.

I drew a map of the leaks, it looked something like this.