I've been traced...

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Date: 12 October 2005 22:24:55

I cannot believe I have been Blogging here since 2002. Admittedly at sometimes it has been fairly intermittent, but quite a long time nevertheless.

This was brought to my attention by MrsGnome who didn't realise I had been writing them at all. For some reason I emailed Mrs Gnome today - yes, I know we live in the same house, but I just never seem to remember to mention things at the right time. Emailing I find is so much easier. Anyway, as I was saying, MrsGnome followed my Signature Link which first led to my webpage, and from there, just a short leap to WiBlogs.

So I would like to welcome you to my Blog. You never know, maybe you'll start one too oneday!

I finally got round to doing the garden - yeah I know I mentioned doing it probably 2 weeks ago - the time never quite seemed right. Timing today was perfect - and within half an hour of getting everything shipshape the heavens opened.

The wonders of modern technology - when my brother and sister went to Uni back in the 70's that was it. Almost no contact till they reappeared for the next set of holidays. Today I have been nattering via MSN to EldestGnomelette whilst she researched an essay - and just got off the phone from MiddleGnomelette. Had a good natter, but I think I detected a wee bit of wanting familiar surroundings. Will have to get something in the post tomorrow I think.

Bed time calls, I bid you all goodnight & God Bless,