Bylaw, 14 Food 'n all that

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Date: 18 October 2005 15:07:10


Life seems to have busied up, not sure why as I am working less days now. Still, seems ages since I got a chance to write my Blog. Ian quite rightly has chided me for this pregnant pause.

As for that Bylaw 14 - seems an age ago.

My daughter returned to her bike ‘n discovered some lunatic had locked their bike to hers, probably ‘cos there was no room on the bike racks for more bikes.
A quick word with the station manager I was directed to the Station BikeShop - who are licensed to cut loose such bikes. Quite satisfying to see the offending bike being solidly D Locked with a £10 fine release notice attached. What could have been a drawn out process revisiting the station again and again to see if offending bike had been moved of daughters bike was shortened to just 10 minutes.
Thanks to the old British Rail Byelaw number 14.

Sunday morning we had a Newcomer welcome service followed by lunch. As I was running the bookstall, by the time I got to join the queue, most of the food had gone - just salads and quiches left. I ate a proper meal when I got home!

No chance for a Sunday afternoon snooze, our Parish Church had invited ex choristers to rejoin them for Festal Evensong. Mrs & Youngest Gnome both still sing in the choir there, but as most of you know I moved churches.
High Tea was devoured whilst old friends reunited. Plenty of embarrassing pictures to remind us of old fashioned haircuts - wonder if I can get hold of all the ones of me to burn them.

Thus a 42 strong choir sang Evensong - including
- Stannford in C (Mag & Nunc)
- though the central
- Above all Praise & Majesty
- Psalm 99
Awesome indeed - and for once there was no shortage of tenors. Was good to catch up with old friends, including one who completely unbeknownst to me had gone into the ministry. What a surprise to see his cheerful face protruding from a dog collar.

Cluster tonight - more food required at Church - I will ensure my place firmly at the front of the queue.

Father God,
Help me to see clearly where I have been,
To trust you for my future -
And to maybe oneday, understand what it all means.