Current Middle Ages

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Date: 14 February 2007 03:39:21

I managed to survive university last semester, but it was not easy. So this time around I am taking a lighter load, though just being finished with my math courses should make it much easier.

I have been playing in the SCA for a little over a year now, and I have finally decided on a persona. I am called Roesia Sorweles, and I am Norman from the late 1200's. Some people have created for their persona a very elaborate story that includes where they were born, who their parents were, what their occupation was, etc. So far, I only have a name, and it is not even registered yet. (We register our name in the SCA so it can be checked for historical accuracy and so that two people do not use the same one.) I have already managed to get myself in over my head (I tend to leap before I look) by becoming the treasurer for our local group. It is not a hard job, but the responsibility is scary.

I am sick and have lost my voice, and that really annoys me. Especially since I need to answer the phone at work. I cannot talk with my friends properly, and the worst is that I am not able to sing. It was the bad this morning, but I think it might be coming back. Other than the occasional cough I feel fine, so I am hoping that it will be at least mostly back tomorrow.