Uneventful day

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Date: 10 June 2004 04:05:50

Today (as stated above) was quite uneventful. I went to work, then to church choir practice and then home. That is about it. To make up for the uninterestingness of this post I will put up one of my poems. (Not sure if that makes up for it or not.)

Dream or Not

Endless running without tire,
Beneath the moon you raise higher,
Spreading wide you open arms,
Embrace the sky without alarms.

From the edge of nothing leap,
Toward the ground plummet deep.
Into the starry water you fall,
As sleep holds you in its thrall.

Out of the water you fly,
Through the dark clouds in the black sky.
Upon your arms are wings of down.
As you wake you have found,

Before you feet a feather white.
Did you live or dream this night...?