Tomorrow is Friday!

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Date: 11 June 2004 07:38:54

I had a funny prank call at work today. A little boy called and asked if we could come pick up his sister (we are a trash company.) I responded that sisters are toxic waste and very hard to get rid of so we would have to charge a $100 fee and if he would give me his parents names then I could just send the bill to them and we would be by tomorrow. He abruptly hung up. The other secretary (having overheard only my end of the converstation) was a little baffled, but after I told her what the boy had said we both had a really good laugh.

I do not have to work tomorrow. Instead I will be packing for my trip to Mexico. A group from our church will be meeting up with two other churches and together we will be flying to El Paso and from there we will cross the border into Juarez. I will be leaving on Saturday (6/12) and will be gone for a whole week. I will try to keep a good journal to post when I get back but I will make no promises. I may post again tomorrow if I have time, but now it is off to bed.

Hasta luego!