Worlds Apart

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Date: 20 June 2004 06:12:35

I am back! (stating the obvious) I had a great week. We worked and played hard.

In Juarez the land is very expensive and hard to come by so to maximize space everything goes vertical. Last summer the teams that came build the first floor of the church, so this year we started on the second. When we left the walls had been finished and beams to support the roof were being put up. VBS (Vacation Bible School) was also a success. On Monday we had about 75 kids show up and by Friday we had 100! The team last week only had 25 at the end by the end of the week.

The kids in the area only go to school for half of the day. Half of the kids go in the morning, and the other half go in the afternoon. Last week's team had VBS in the morning for the kids that have school in the afternoon and our team had VBS in the afternoon for kids that have school in the morning.

That is all that I can think of to post right now, but if anyone has any questions then I would be glad to answer them.