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Date: 22 June 2004 05:43:08

It is very strange to be back home again. It almost seems like I was never gone, like the whole week I spent in Mexico never happened. It was so different and exiteing that being here is just far too dull.

While I was gone I really missed having the time to sit and write, watch the stars, or map the phases of the moon. I found a different kind of peace while I was there though. On the bus I had time to think and reflect on the things on which I have spent my life. If something were to happen to me, what would they remember me by? Would I be something that I have said or done? Would I be the attitude in which these things were done? Could it even be something I was never aware of or no longer remember? These questions are enough to make one mentaly reveiw ones life and see where it was spent and then contemplate how can I get more out of it in the future? When I leave this place, what will these people remember about me?