Wiblog entry for 24/06/2004

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Date: 23 June 2004 23:09:54

Not much has happened today. I was off work so I spent most of my time on the computer after I did a little cleaning around the house. I am about to leave for choir practice at church and I may stop and get some new shoes while I am in town or I might get some new earphones for my CD player. The only two good pair that I had died. The first pair got stepped on and the second my cat ate the cord.

I did write a poem yesterday. Though it is not that great, here it is:

Las Estrellas

The stars may wonder why
I so oft' do watch the sky
Sending my wishes to them above
Of hopes, dreams, and distant love.
I'll watch each sparkle and blink
Each thought making my heart sink
Soon I'll have dreams no more
Hope eroding, rotten at the core
But when gone are my hopes and dreams
My heart will hold together at the seams
For love is the most powerful of all
And will last ‘til the stars begin to fall