Friday Night

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Date: 26 June 2004 07:53:54

Well... I didn't go to a party, that I wasn't invited to, that I would have declined the invitation to anyway. So on this Friday night I am spending quality time with my cat and my computer, both of which desperatly need me.

I met up with a close friend again today that I hadn't seen in a few months. I was really glad to see her because I had lost contact and didn't know if I would ever see her again. We were with a mutual friend at the time and talked a lot about any big events that we had missed. During which time above mention party is discussed, my friend is invited, and I am ignored. I just kept up appearences for about ten minutes, commented on the late hour, and dissmissed myself. I sure am glad that I was spared the uncomfortable situation of haveing to decline the invitation, or worse yet go to a party that I didn't want to go to because I didn't want to say no.

I never got shoes or new earphones yesterday. I got caught up reading a book, lost tack of time, and was late by ten minutes to choir practice.