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Date: 06 July 2004 07:04:43

This Sunday in church I was really suprised. Different people came up to me and thanked me for speaking on the previous Sunday (28th) about our trip to Mexico. I am not sure if it was what I said or if they just noticed that I was nervous and wanted to encourage me, but I really hope that it was the former. I always hope that something that I say will have an impact, but so often feel that it does not.

When I was in Mexico I was really impressed by the sence of unity between the Mexican believers and the American believers. Though we were separated by language and culture we were still brothers and sisters in Christ. In the past I have been confronted with the question, "Wouldn't it be better to just send them money?"
This really bothers me because they completely miss the entire point of going. Yes, it would be more economical to just send money. There would not be a cost for housing, food, and transportation of the team we send and we would be giving jobs (to build the church) to people that need them. But this defeats the purpose of have a mission. We go to share God's love. Sending money is not love. If we come away from our homes, live with them, be with them, work with them, pray with them, it shows so much more love.

That is what I mostly talked about when I spoke to the church. I hope that maybe next year we will have more than five people from our church go on the trip.