Wiblog entry for 28/07/2004

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Date: 28 July 2004 06:47:39

Not much happened today, as usual. I was off work so I slept in really late. I tidied up the house a bit then played games on the internet while I listened to an audio book. Maybe the rest of the week will be more eventful.

Tomorrow I plan on going up to the college to get registered for next semester's classes if I can an appointment, then I may spend some time at my cousin's house helping her get ahead for her algebra class she will be taking next semester.

The local library has been showing classic movies on Thursday afternoons this summer. This week they are playing The Scarlet Pimpernel. I hope my aunt is not too busy to see it with me.

As far as my writing goes; I have only written a few lines of poetry today, though I may have a new burst of ideas for my main story that I am writing. I have had a really bad case of writter's block on it for almost a month now. Maybe if I can find a quiet place to sit and think tomorrow then I can get a few more fresh ideas. If I can get another chapter written it may be easier to write more.

It is almost 2am now so I think that I will turn in for the night.