School stuff

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Date: 18 August 2004 07:55:53

I realized today that I should have heard back by now about my financial aid application (for college), so I went to the office and asked. They said that I had never turned it in, which I did more than two months ago. Now I have to fill out all of the paper work again, and also have less of a chance of getting anything. I can not believe they lost it. I handed to the person in the office in May.

This is my last week of freedom. School starts on the 23rd. I then get to bludgeon my brain with studying, lack of sleep, cramped schedules, and my part time job.

Also my car is in the shop. It seems to be having quite a few problems. It seems to be leaking coolant, and there is an electrical problem among other things. Living in the country as I do I must have a dependable car to get to work, school, or anywhere else, but it seem that for the time being I will have to keep patching this one up.