Wiblog entry for 14/11/2004

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Date: 14 November 2004 16:02:21

It seems that now I am only finding time to post on the weekends. At least I am find time somewhere.
I had a great weekend though. I went to a youth and college age retreat. We staid over Friday night and went home on Saturday afternoon. The retreat was held at a local camp. We stayed in one of the dorms there, which were quite nice. It had two different sides separated by the meeting room. Girls stayed on one side and guys on the other.
On Friday everybody had finally showed up by 7:00 and gotten settled in. First we listened to the speaker, and then we had a big campfire and roasted marshmallows and talked for a long time. When the marshmallows were gone and the fire had died down we went back to the dorm and played a few games before going to bed.
On Saturday morning after breakfast we played game outdoors. I played volley ball and shot a few hoops on the basket ball court. We heard the speaker again before lunch. After lunch we played a game of baseball before going home around 3:00.
I really enjoyed listening to the speaker; he is a pastor with the RUF ministry (Reformed University Fellowship). He entitled his lesson "The Gospel According to Genesis." We went through the first three chapters (of Genesis) and he talked about how from the beginning everything linked back to the coming of Christ and how this related to us. I also liked getting to know some of my peers a little better and only regret that more of them didn't come. There is always next year though. Maybe I can convince more of them to come.

Today is my little brother's 14th birthday day. We are having a BBQ and my dad's brother, his family, and my grandparents are coming. It promises to fun, it is never boring around my family.