Big day

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Date: 11 December 2004 07:15:53

School is almost out for Christmas break! Of course that means finals, but I only have two more. Government is on Monday, and history is on Tuesday. I will be very glad to be done with those.

I made a big decision today. I bought a car. It will be my first time to have payments on anything and it is a little scary. I got a good deal though. I did a lot of research on prices and things before we ever went. My daddy helped me haggle the price down as low as we thought we could get. I really hope it was a good decision. I needed a new (used) car, because the one that I have had is 13 years old and starting to have a lot of expensive mechanical problems. Living as far out as I do in the country I have to have a dependable car to get to work and school.

It is really strange getting responsibility. I have a job, go to college, and now have car payments. Time goes by so quickly that it seems that it is all happening before it should. I guess it is just life.