Wiblog entry for 15/12/2004

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Date: 15 December 2004 04:29:13

I have finally finished my exams! No more school for a month!

I get to go Christmas shopping with my dad tomorrow. I don't hardly ever get a chance to spend time with him.

I hope to get a present for my cousin for her laptop, if it not too expensive. I saw one the other day and they were really neat. I already have presents for my brothers, and I want to get my mom an antique doll. I might get my dad something fairly inexpensive that is related to diving because that is his new hobby.

I love finding just the right gift for each person, it is so much better than receiving them. When I was little that was all I could think about for months in advance. I would have a list of the nice things that I wanted for Christmas.

Now that all seems insignificant. Stuff is stuff, be it expencive or not, none of it will outlast this world. The gift that God gave us was so much better. He gave us his son to die for our sins. Nothing can compare.

If you ever feel empty, like you are missing something, after all the presents are opened, then maybe you didn't find what you were looking for, and maybe you can't find it on this earth.