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Date: 05 February 2005 19:55:12

Not much has been happening. School is going well. So far none of my class seem to be very hard. I'm taking biology, public speaking, economics, and state government.

Work has been going smoothly with the exeption of one incident. I do secretary work for a residental garbage collection service and we rent to our customers a 95 gallon pastic bin to put their trash in to keep out dog or anything that would scatter it. Just a few days ago a customer filled theirs with dead chickens. Our man on the route called in to ask if he had to take it. I had the joy of contacting the owner of our business, the health department, and trying to reach the customer. The health department said there was nothing they could do about though it was interesting to find that there had been pervious violations. I found out the customer was behind in paying and scheduled to be canceled. When we tried to contact them their phone was disconected. To solve the whole problem we canceled the customer, and the owner retreaved our bin and dumped the chickens at the landfill.

I apears that my life is so dull that this is the most intersting thing that has happened in a few weeks.