Little reminders

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Date: 22 March 2005 05:03:43

Shame on me for not posting for so long.

I was reminded to blog when my cousin and I were at the cinema. I read someone's T-shirt which said: "I'm blogging this." Well I guess I am too.

My birthday was about a week ago. I turned 20, which is really weird because I am no longer a "teen," but I haven't even felt like one for the last year and a half since I have had a job and been in college. Those two kind of hit you over the head with responcibility and take away some of the freedom.

I have not been writing for a long time and I feel like I am falling back in it now. I have only one story in progress and I'm not quite sure where it is going yet, but I am getting more ideas than I had before. Maybe something will come of it. We will have to wait and see. I wrote a few lines of poetry, but have not finished the whole thing yet. I may post it here when I'm done if I am not too embarassed of it.

Last week was spring break. I had Thursday and Friday off of work, but was sick through Saturday. My dad and brothers went camping. I would have loved to go. They went canoeing, which I have not gotten to do in a long time.

I won't be able to go with them if they go this summer either, because if I am not taking summer classes I will get a second job to help pay for tuition. I really want don't want to owe too much money when I get out. I have not been able to save as much money as I was before, with car payments and now rising gasoline prices. We will have to wait and see how it all turns out.