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Date: 24 June 2005 04:57:54

It seems that I am not even able to be consistently inconsistent. I was only posting once or twice a month (even though I intended to post more), but it has now been three months.

A few things have happened; the biggest even was April 14, probably the only one worth telling. A girl pulled out and hit my car. Yes, the car I got in December. I will try to put in a picture if it works. Her insurance paid for the repairs (over $4,000 and car rental fees for 42 days while it was in the shop), so it is as good as new.

I finished the semester with A's in Government and Public Speaking and B's in Economics and Biology. I am currently taking a World Literature class for the summer, and plan to transfer to the University of Texas in the fall.

My writing has gone no where. I just have not felt motivated and not even a few lines of bad poetry have surfaced.