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Date: 01 October 2005 19:12:11

In August I started the term at University of Texas. My schedule is better this semester: I work in the morning and go to school in the afternoons. I am taking business law, composition, accounting, and psychology. None of them are too hard and business law isn't as boring as it could be.

I received my WISE package shortly after my last post, but my modem was zapped by lightning and I didn't have internet for awhile. I am ashamed to say that after that I forgot that I hadn't blogged about it. Jack the Lass sent me a cute writing journal with a matching pen, three bars of delicious chocolate, a heart shaped bath soap and a fizz ball that smell wonderful. If I can find a camera I will put up a picture, though sadly it won't contain the chocolate because I ate it. (It was very good chocolate.) : P

While reading blogs I discover an organization called the SCA. Its purpose is to re-discover history, particularly the middle ages. They have meetings and events where every one wears period clothes and there are activates such as sword fighting, feasts, and arts and sciences classes. I was really excited when I found out about it because I have always been interested in old European history. I am not normally a very social creature and tend to be a little shy sometimes but I made myself go to a meeting. The meeting went well and I leaned a lot about the SCA. It turned out that the next weekend there would be event, but later that week it was canceled due to Hurricane Rita. I am currently working on my first garb (term for period clothes). I have already sewn an under-dress and am working on the over-tunic. I will have pictures once I am done.