Busy weekend...

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Date: 23 June 2007 15:09:03

So yesterday I was a:

cleaner, ad designer, negotiator, saleswoman and kitchen skivvy (In that order, from about 9:30 until about 9:00). And today I did breakfast duty for 84 people, and then a leaflet drop in the nearby village of Grassington, which is in the midst of its annual festival.

I'm knackered (but the church group that's in seem to be having a whale of a time!). And I have to re-write our Greenbelt guide ad, having done it once, and left my diary, where the work was, in Lancaster last week.

In positive news, our summer helpers start arriving from various far-flung parts of the world next week (starting with a young chap from "fair Verona, where we lay our scene..."; no, he's not called Romeo, alas); and I met the deadline for getting adverts in for the SCM wall planner, so no chaplaincy with links to them can escape us this year!

Interestingly, I have also had unsolicited calls from several "green" publications since we advertised in "The Ecologist" - I don't know how many readers have seen the ads, but they're catching someone's attention. Now I just hope that we actually get some summer weather for our festival and summer programme.