"Breaking bread"

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Date: 14 May 2007 09:04:03

Attended (well, catered for, actually) the first community meal and share we'd had since I joined - we'd been running a Lent course which got in the way, and then it took a while to get it going again.

It was pretty good - everyone eating and chatting together, and then we spent some time looking at some info about Taize, and Brother Roger, before sharing worship in "the Taize style(!)" up in the chapel.

Nice to do things as a community when people aren't having to constantly be "on duty" for guests - I guess that's part of the price for being a serving community rather than an eremetical one though...still, I hope we can sneak lots more of these kind of things in around the practical work - and for some events, we could of course always invite guests to join us as part (however brief) of the community...