More grey than gap year

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Date: 24 May 2007 20:25:23

Hi, I'm new to Scargill community and have just joined the housekeeping team - very practical and physical and a bit different from my last desk bound job, and lots to learn. I'm older than the average volunteer being a lot nearer a pension than a student loan, but you never know, I might be the start of a new trend - there must be a lot of people thinking as I was, 'I've done this for 25 years and all I've achieved is high blood pressure, and do I really want to be doing it for another 10?' I've only been here a few weeks but already several visitors around my age have talked to me about maybe joining community for a while. I just love it here & it's amazing how many of my rag bag of skills & experiences are proving to be relevant. I'm planning to be here for a year but already I don't want to leave! I've started a weblog about life here, and if you want to read more, you can find it at (how do I make that a hyperlink? My last job gave me IT skills to write a mean memo & do a presentation in 35 powerpoint slides with five bullet points to a slide, but nothing as useful as how to write a wiblog...)