Been a while...

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Date: 12 June 2007 14:05:50

longer than I really meant to leave between entries.

Ah well. Currently, we are mostly handling school parties and staff changes - some going, some coming, always an interesting time for any organization, and particularly when there are community issues involved.

Planning continues apace for the Summer Festival with Satish Kumar - we're still looking for more vibe and support acts if you know of anyone in the North of England with some talent and a few free hours in the week 23-28 July. We can do food, and potentially accomodation for any contributors, as well as mentions in the programme and links for future events....anyone tempted?? I'll stick the website URL up here when it goes live for this event - hopefully later this week.

Grassington, one of our local villages, is having its festival from this weekend - including things like Jo Brand and opera (not necessarily at the same time), so I think I'll take my kids along to some of the free events on Saturday...maybe distribute some of Scargill's leaflets at the same time... :)