of holidays (and hoping I can still remember how to upload pictures!)

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Date: 15 September 2010 09:59:11

We're on holidays at present, Mr Tasmania on his two weeks of school hols and I took annual leave for the whole time for a change - haven't had a holiday since Easter so decided I was due!

I'll be turning 40 mid October so we decided (and I requested luxury!) that we'd take a nice warm break to Noosa in Queensland. We stayed at the Sher*ton for 5 days and it was beautiful - warm, relaxing, just what we needed (both as a very rare luxurious treat [we're more cabins and tents really] and also as a break from the long cold Tasmanian winter).

Here's a few pics ....

Main Beach, Noosa Queensland Australia
Noosa September 2010 1

View from the National Park walk out to Dolphin Point - looking back towards Noosa (Sheraton is the tall building)
Noosa September 2010 2

View from National Park walk out to Dolphin Point
Noosa September 2010 3

Native Brush Turkey - he was very busily adding sticks and debris to his huge pile of a nest (about a metre tall) and was not in the slightest bit concerned about the big things staring at him from (at one point) about 10 centimetres away!
Noosa September 2010 4

Mr Tas enjoying the pool at the Sherat*n - we also greatly enjoyed the swim up bar :)
Noosa September 2010 5

Bit of a rude shock to arrive back in Tassie on Monday going from 25deg C to 11 :) ... and it's currently gale force wind and sleet outside, www.eldersweather.com.au is showing a current temp of 6.6deg with a 'feels like' temp of 2.7 - niiiiccceeee .... not! :)

Ah well, can't complain, a week in the warm was wonderful and was just part of what is going to be the longest 40th birthday in history - started when my parents were here in early September and will go through until about 16 October - love it! (can you tell I have no age issues? ... the only age that's ever bothered me was turning 33 and I still have no idea what that was all about - maybe it's because I come from a family with both grandparents living well into their 80's even with health issues and that my parents don't look their age ... or just that I honestly don't care - age is how you feel and I"m working on about 25!)