of conclusions ...

Categories: life-in-general

Date: 31 August 2010 04:47:03

well, it's probably a tad too early to call it, much like the Australia election ... was it really two weeks ago we voted and still no government? Anyhoo ... had the aforementioned 'procedure' today ... so now a bit tired and with a massive headache .. well, remnants of, not to sound too precious :) ... Conclusion of doctor ... aside from a couple of tiny issues (which are a result of something we already knew about and really are just that, tiny) ... it's all clear ... again! So far that means heart, thyroid, kidneys, LIP ** (explanation below, maybe not for the boys? ;) ), blood pressure, intestinal system etc are all a go .... So it looks like it's all probably down to the food allergies - how amazing! Won't find out for sure until 4 October, when I see the specialist again, who will have results (I assume) of 3 different tests I've had carried out plus I guess I'll have a better idea of whether cutting out a huge range of food/drink has changed things on the positive side (it already has ... unfortunately I don't know what I've cut out that is doing the job) ... very interesting Watson! ** LIP = Ladies Internal Plumbing :)