of phew

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Date: 27 August 2010 10:57:44

it's the end of the week - phew!!!!!!!!!!!!

We made it :)

And the wonderful Mr Tasmania, who is now officially in charge of Friday night dinners, came up trumps tonight! We know I can eat potatoes so he figured well, Friday night, parents, looooooonnnngggg week, lets go fish and chips ... and I said so, what am I having as well as the chips? I don't eat fish ... not allergic to that just don't like it (much ... very rarely will eat some mild white fish in a fish pie, possibly battered, maybe smoked, if covered in enough sauce/dressing/whatever so that I'm not really able to taste the fish .. which kinda defeats any healthgiving properties so I don't usually bother).

Anyway, the chippy he went to is actually a fresh fish shop too ... so they had lovely locally caught battered fish ... I had freshly cut/scored calamari (squid), lightly grilled ... and it was BEAUTIFUL ... I could easily have eaten twice as much!

So, we'll manage ... I may sprain my brain in the next week or two, I'm not used to having to think about my everyday meals, but we'll get there ... and I made 'cheese' last night which will help things along I think ... made from something called nutritional yeast (or savoury yeast) ... quite amazing, oats, tahini, yeast, asafoetida, some other bits and bobs, blend, boil, stir, pour, set .. and there you have it, a mildly soft, cheesy sort of oniony cheesy thing .. .which apparently melts quite nicely and is great on macaroni, pizza's, pasta sauces etc ...

I have yet to try the above uses but have had it on crackers and today had it on rice crackers with alfalfa sprouts for a snack .. and it was really nice. I think a bit of red capsicum (pepper) would've been really good with it but it was perfectly adequate. I think next time I make it (the recipe made a quantity large enought to fill a small loaf tin) I'll add a little less tahini and maybe a bit of garlic salt so it's more garlicy less ... well tahini'ish .. tahini (sesame seed paste) is a weird oddly tangy bitter nutty taste ... it works well in the mix but I'm just going to pull it back a little.

I do have another recipe for the faux cheese (remember I can't have soy at the moment, so can't even go soy cheese ... and you can't get rice cheese in Oz) which I might try first .. it's tahini-less ... might as well try both in my new kitchen / laboratory :)

Still so nice to come home and have a warm house with mum here ... dad was off with Mr tasmania picking up the dins - so glad they all get alone like a house on fire, I'm almost a spare wheel by the time I get home ha ha!