of delayed posting - wrote this on Wednesday morning

Categories: family, life-in-general, beautiful-husband

Date: 26 August 2010 09:34:17

Well, it’s been an interesting fortnight … along with the food allergy stuff for me we have had Mr Tasmania’s uncle pass away (funeral last Tuesday), the father of one of my friends severely injured in a car accident (the Thursday before) and pass away in hospital last Tuesday (back home, so I couldn’t got to the funeral), Mr Tas’s sister is very unwell in hospital, and this morning we have news that the step-father of one of his best mates has passed away overnight.

In addition I’ve got a colleague with major mental issues causing probs at work and now, unfortunately, probably back in hospital for more assistance … and Mr Tas has had to deal with a girl at his work with major issues as well.

And I’ve got a hospital stay next Tuesday for what was supposed to be a fairly basic exploration but, as a result of above allergies, is now going to involve biopsies in various places which makes it all not quite so simple and therefore may possibly involve more than the one day off … sigh …

And it’s still flippin’ raining!

I’m SO glad my parents will be at home when I get there tonight – Mr Tas and I are sort of tired of offloading onto each other! … and mum/dad are both teachers, like Mr Tas, and have dealt with just about everything possible in a school between them in 60+ years of teaching, so have fellow feeling for him :)

My goodness, even with not being able to eat heaps of stuff while I’m away, I’m hanging out for our holiday at Noosa! It can’t come soon enough! The Sheraton, heated pool, swim up bar … I may not be able to eat lots of things but I can still have a strawberry daiquiri any time I like, hooray! Just quietly, I think I may have more than a few! :)

And, in a postscript on Thursday (today) ... the sun shone today :)