of fr*ngipani (plumeri*)

Categories: gardening, beautiful-husband

Date: 22 August 2010 00:04:02

Finally repotted the frangipani - can you believe it, a frangipani (plumeria for those of a more northern persuasion) in Tasmania! Someone gave it to Mr Tasmsania for the work Kris Kringle Christmas '09, I potted it into a larger pot then without much hope, but it's survived the winter on our front patio (semi-sheltered so it got some sun after about 10am and was not buffeted by too much wind and didn't get 'frosted') and I've just now repotted it into a large clay pot. It came out with heaps of beautiful long strong roots - not much growth up top but looks very healthy at the bottom - here's hoping
for a flower this year! How cool! ... if this works I may yet still see my dream of a jacaranda!!!!! and maybe a macadamia. So many people thing macadamias are from Hawaii but they're actually Australian natives ... I know they grow as far south as Sydney (we had one when I lived there, it was AWESOME) but I've got hopes of developing a little microclimate under the shelter of our deck (when we build it) ... when it's built I think I'll have a little triangle between the house and the plateau with the deck hovering out over it where maybe I can put some of these plants that need a little more warmth ....

I know there are a couple of varieties of avocado which can also take a bit of cold ... and I also know black genoa figs well and truly cope with frost once established - even snow! - as the one at mum and dad's is huge - the only thing it's had to really cope with over the years is lack of water .. not a problem here! IN fact, the soil may be too good for it, they apparently like it a bit tough!

Loooove this stuff!

Oo, in my big garden bed (I really must get some photos up) I think I've finally decided on a specimen tree - was going to be a conifer bed but I think I'm going to find a beautiful magnolia stellata or port wine magnolia or something along those lines, so we'll still get the sun through there in winter but will have gorgeousness in late winter and spring ....

I know i"ll be able to plant