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Date: 14 August 2010 01:09:22

it's so nice to have energy, I"m a bit pooped now after a solid hour and a half in the garden but only pooped to the point that I want a quick sit down and a glass of water, not to the point that I need a lie down for a couple of hours (oh, and realistically, previously I wouldn't have been able to do 10 mins in the garden let alone an hour and a half!).

I've put in two rescued 'hardenb*rgia vi*lacae', commonly known in Australia as 'H*ppy Wand*rer* ... the original plant, with it's vibrant bright purple pea like flowers, is very hardy, the white, pink, and pale violet variants not so much (in my experience). The two plants I bought for half price (bright purple) were obviously last years stock, as the latest ones are being advertised at the mo, and these have far too much length of growth to be this years potting ... still, lanky and straggly as they look, they're a tough plant so I've put them in above the cliff and mulched them with pea straw ... we'll see what happens :).

To provide an example of my observations re weakness above, I have two plants in already, both planted mid 2008. They should be flourishing by now however had a minor interruption to their growth courtesy of Mr TAsmania and his fabulous whipper snipping skills ... so are only just now reaching what I'd call their first years growth. The purple is amazing, absolutely beautiful (I really must get the camera out again, I think I overdosed last year!) ... the white ... well .. it's growing, that's about all I can say for it ... and you'd only know it's white 'cause I've told you, not a flower to be seen!

Speaking of pea straw, I finally managed to use all the pea straw I put up on the cliff from the enormous oversized bale we had delivered in January! Yes, that's right, January! This having on no energy thing just sucked really! So, the top of the cliff is gradually getting planted out and mulched and is starting to look great ... mum and dad will be here in a fortnight, haven't been here since Christmas, so they should notice a real difference.

Which also reminds me ... we have 3 plants in the garden that have names, the names of my mother in law, father in law, and mum, planted on their birthdays as extra presents .... mil's is a white double camellia (one flower last year, covered this year) (we amazingly found one which not only had her name but also her spelling!), fil's is a Michaelia (it's had a bit of a hard year, but then so did he, looks like it's starting to come good now), and mum's is a gorgeous dark red rose, which my father said is the same colour as the roses he had waiting in their hotel room on their wedding night (awwwww) ... the reminding thing is ... I promised dad, as part of his birthday present last year (July 2009), that I'd plant something for him - and I haven't done it yet! And yes, he's had another birthday since! I'm going to get another rose, something really funky and multicoloured, and plant it next to mum's ... there's some gorgeous bare rooted roses out at the mo' so should be able to find something really cool!

ah well, break over, better go hang out the 2 loads of washing and have my glass of water .. then start work on the next job!

All this while Mr Tasmania is cheerfully enjoying himself playing golf ... he promises me he'll work like a maniac this afternoon ... ;) we'll see!