of getting behind

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Date: 09 May 2008 23:18:57

I haven't sent my mum's mothers day card (it's Mother's Day on Sunday ie tomorrow!), I haven't organised to either buy or send her present, I haven't sent my oldest friend's birthday card (it's on Tuesday, mail will take at least 5 days from Tasmania to NSW - I don't understand why either), I'm feeling about three weeks behind.

On the up side ... I have GOT a card for my mum - and Mr Tasmania's mum. He's organising his mum's present. I have contacted my sister in law and I'm going halves in the present she buys. I'll phone mum tomorrow and tell her the card's in the mail! Will send the friend's card on Monday and phone her on the day.

And it's also Mr Tasmania's birthday on Tuesday and I'm organised for that at least! Presents either here or on their way.


Hopefully I can use this weekend to get it all together :)