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Date: 18 July 2010 09:53:58

with thanks to ... http://alittlebuttondesign.blogspot.com/ At the moment (moment being a relative term ie not involving 'right this second' but 'now, generally, around this time in my life'ish ..'), I am... Making : a jumper for my sweetie Cooking : lumberjack cake for dad and hummingbird cake for us Drinking : tea (have gone off coffee since events in June - just can't bring myself to drink it - and it's totally unrelated to events in June so is generally weird ... but you get that) Reading: 'Ruddigore' by Kerry Greenwood Wanting: seriously, to win big on Lotto so I can build our deck, have a decent amount of time off work, help some family out with bills, pass a bit on to our Pastor, the Humble one .... but in reality ... wanting this week to be over as it involves blood tests, the accountant for tax, finalising (hopefully!) my root canal, and far too few people at work to do the available work! Looking: at our spanky new desk which we have put together this weekend - it's awesome! Playing: with my sweetie Wasting: time worrying about things I can't do anything about Sewing: cushion covers ... in my mind only at this point though! Wishing: it was daylight savings already! Enjoying: getting things done in the house - so satisfying! Waiting: for my parents to arrive (late August - told you it was only 'now-ish'!) Liking: that I have energy and feel bright and relevant again - hopefully this is a feeling that can continue! Wondering: what the results of my specialist appointments will bring Loving: my husband Hoping: that certain members of my family who have their heads basically shoved up their butts at this point get their act together! Marvelling: at how good my life is, really! Needing: to do some serious organising of crafty stuff (I copied this one straight from hers, it's so true!) Smelling: lovely dinner smells lingering ... Wearing: grotty old weekend work/gardening/slop clothes - truly horrible Following: not much really Noticing: that the garden has gotten completely out of control while I was not in a state to do anything about it and some serious work is necessary! Knowing: that God is good - and that's enough! Thinking: that I'd really really really like the September holidays to hurry up and arrive Bookmarking: The Zer* Waste H*me Opening: my mind to the possibilities ahead Giggling: it's nice to be able to Feeling: like I"d like to arrange a treat for my boy ... must get onto that! Feel free to borrow this and drop a line to let me know!