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Date: 14 July 2010 10:07:26

Well, life has been busy. Since my last little excitement I have undergone ultrasounds (not the way I really want to spend a morning but what can you do), seen the gynaecologist (all A-OK, which is always good to know!), have blood tests and meeting with the gastroenterologist to come, have sprung a surprise visit on my dad for his birthday (last weekend), and just generally been snowed under at work (though this is not just me, it's everyone in our little office). I’m pleased that the ultrasound appears to have shown no problems (my doc is the kind to phone you if there’s an issue – and he hasn’t!) and the gynaecologist said all my normal ‘symptoms’ are perfectly normal if annoying – hormones, seriously, (pardon my language) are a pain in the ARSE aren’t they ladies!!!! Anyhoo, a conversation that was useful to have and that I don’t have to worry about for quite some time (if ever) again! And which relieved my mind on a question which I had researched on the net (which I’m sure doctors hate!) and was pretty well satisfied about, but just wanted to check on with an expert – and I was right in my thinking and means that I don’t have to think about that ever again, which is also great – sorry to be cryptic but TMI is TMI after all! The iron infusion I had has given me so much energy – I’m still having a few issues but basically I can DO stuff! And I’m interested in doing stuff – so NOT where I was at before!!! Realistically, when my brother picked me up at the train station on Saturday I had had to walk up two pedestrian ramps hauling my 15kg bag … 3 weeks ago I would’ve (no exaggeration) had to have stopped at least twice … and probably had to sit down for a good 10 minutes at the top before I could do anything else. This Saturday I steamed up the ramp and arrived at the top barely out of breath and ready to go … 180 degree difference! And yes, the surprise for dad worked – amazingly! He’s usually so good at picking up the slightest clues and, despite all her protestations to the contrary, my mum SUCKS at keeping things like this a secret – but this time we kept it all together and totally flabbergasted him :) … I think the fact they’ll be down here to visit in 5 weeks probably threw him off the scent (if he was ever on it!) as he would never have expected a visit from me so close to them coming down to us. Anyway, so he had apparently remarked to my mother that my brother and his family were late for dinner … and mum said ‘oh, they’re picking something up on the way’ … so he went back to plonking away on the piano … we pulled up … I met mum in the foyer … and snuck quietly up and tapped him on the shoulder – I don’t know whether he wanted to be flabbergasted or dumbfounded so he settled for both :) - hooray! Love it when a surprise works!!!!!!