I think my bum is broken ...

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Date: 17 June 2010 21:40:56

An eventful day yesterday .... Along with various other things I've had a raised heartbeat since Sunday which has been causing me issues. Yesterday, when I measured my pulse rate at 120/m whilst just sitting at my desk I decided enough was enough and called my doctor ... who has no apponitments 'til next Tuesday ... so I went to emergency. After various tests etc it was determined that my haemoglobin levels were 62 (supposed to be 130'ish) ... so, not good. Various options presented but the one least likely to 'cause ongoing and potentially very bad issues to my poor racing heart was parking the butt on a gurney in emergency and getting two units of blood - which would not bring me back to normal but would take the immediate pressure off. So, I got there at 11.30, was on the gurney at 5.30, and finally left at 11pm .... looong day on a gurney which is not designed for significant amounts of occupation - ouchy! Anyhoo, I'm feeling significantly better this morning, heart rate is still up but not frightening (I described it to the doc as feeling like I was six cups of coffee overdosed ... you know that all nighter uni feeling of the jitters? yeah, that, on steroids!). They couldn't get my veins to be cooperative so I had to have the line put in on the back of my right wrist (I'm right handed) which meant I had to hold it in a very awkward position for 6+ hours ... poor old vein is a bit blue this morning, I'm expecting glorious technicolour of the next couple of days! I have to have an iron infusion on Monday, which will mean more time in a chair, but this time in the day oncology ward, where those poor folks having chemo have to sit, so I'm expecting they at least give the poor things comfortable chairs, so that shouldn't be too bad - forewarned I guess too, so I'm taking a good book! Ah well, I can feel more tests in my future, the last real tests to do with this iron deficiency were 10 years ago so who knows what has happened to my innards int he meantime - something is obviously not working properly ... but finding out is better than this, so we just roll with it. On the up side, after all the blood tests and x-ray yesterday, my thyroid, heard, kidney, and chest are all clear and functioning well .. so that's good to know!