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Date: 14 June 2010 20:40:27

well, we've done it. We set the alarm and got up at 5.45am and went for a walk ... it's 2.4deg Celsius (I don't know what that is in F, sorry). We decided that we needed to bite the bullet and get back into our habit of early morning walks with the dog - otherwise, what with being tired at the end of the day, and it being dark before I get home from work, it just doesn't happen. We used to walk morning and night with JD ... and then, while we were building, that 6am walk became a 5.30am (which meant 5.15am get up) so we could walk him, have breakfast, and head up to the block to do some work in the cold cold cold shed before we both went off to work ... i think we might've been so traumatised by it that we just couldn't bring ourselves to get back into the habit of early walks once we'd moved in ;) ... it was such a relief to STOP early mornings and late nights. But, we've been in since early November, and, as it's not yet shortest day, if we don't start soon we'll never start ... so we started this morning. Only 25 mins, but it's a clear morning and the stars are lovely and yes, it's cold, but I feel really glad we've done it ... and we have a lovely warm house to come back to.